Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a universal human experience and is the most common issue we see in our office. Low back pain can be immensely frustrating and painful keeping you from the things you want to do or have to do in you life. Common causes include stenosis, pinch nerve pain, or a mix of muscle and joint irritation.

Our providers are trained to perform a through exam to determine what is truly going on. After that you will receive a custom treatment plan designed to reduce your pain and get you back to the important thins in your life.

If you have lower back pain that is very consistent and does not seem to be getting better, come into our practice for a consultation so we can see what may be troubling your lower back.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can be nagging and persistent, making day to day activities very difficult. Common causes of neck pain are muscle strain, poor ergonomics, whiplash injuries, or joint irritation.

In some cases numbness or weakness or shooting pain into the shoulder is felt often indicating a pinched nerve. Sometimes neck pain is accompanied by headaches further increasing your pain.

Our goal is to come alongside you and determine the root cause of your pain so that we can reduce it and get you back to what matters most in your life!

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What Causes Headaches?

If you suffer from headaches you are not alone, over 45 million Americans deal with headaches each and every year. Common types of headaches include migraines, tension, and cluster (trigeminal neuralgia). Common causes include stress, muscle irritation, and hormonal changes. Our providers focus on determining the contributors to your headaches and will develop a custom treatment plan for it!

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain affects around 20% of Americans each and every year. It is often nagging, sharp, and painful with overhead movements.

Shoulder injuries are broken up into two categories, acute and chronic. Acute injuries are often due to trauma such as a tendon tear in sport or a sudden fall. Chronic injuries include rotator cuff tendonitis, impingement, and frozen shoulder. Occasionally shoulder pain is due to injury in another part of your body (often the neck). This is known as referred pain.

If your shoulder is causing a significant amount of pain and you are unable to rotate it or move it in general, you should seek help, so contact us!

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Hip Pain

What can cause Hip pain?

Discomfort in the hip have number of specific causes. Pain felt in the joint itself includes can be due to osteoarthritis, a labral tear, or impingement of the hip joint. Sometimes the tendons around hip or fluid filled sacs (know as bursa) can become irritated resulting in pain and weakness.

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Running Injuries & Plantar Fasciitis

Running is something that is great for staying active and keeping fit, but can often being affected by nagging injuries. Common running injuries include iliotibial band syndrome, achilles tendonitis, and patellar tendinopathy. As frustrating as these injuries can be, most do not require surgery and can be managed non surgically.

Common running injuries include:

  • Medial tibial stress syndrome or “Shin splints”
  • Achilles tedninopathy
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hamstring tear or strain
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Conditions Treated

We treat many neuromusculoskeletal conditions. If you have questions regarding your symptoms please call our office.

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